The Thompson Girls | A Plano, Texas Mother Daughter Portrait Session

Meet the Thompson girls. This Mother-daughter trio had me quite entertained and smiling throughout our hour long Mini session this past weekend. This was also a fun session because Cristina and I have known each other for a while. We met through a mutual, very dear friend, back in high school. I loved getting to know her daughters, Sofia and Olivia, on that beautiful April evening. As I was setting up my camera, the two of them were sweetly picking and collecting bouquets of wildflowers to use in our shoot. Olivia, the creative and outspoken 9 year old was filled with ideas about how to style portions of our shoot and took the initiative to set things up for us. At one point, as I was taking photos of her beautiful and equally creative 12 year old sister, Sofia, I turned around to find Olivia laying in a pallet of boulders on the sparkly pillow they brought along with them posing with her flowers. The girls brought an assortment of props, including some confetti that they chosen to adorn their Mom with while we were getting a few portraits in. It is obvious these two love their Mom very much. Not only were these ladies super genuine and considerate toward each other, they extended that same kindness to me and invited me to join them for dinner when we were finished. Overall, it was a fun and memorable experience, and I hope they will be able to cherish the photos that were captured.



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