Ashly + Bradley | A Richardson, TX Engagement Session

They both found themselves relocating to Tyler around the same time for work. Not only did Ashly and Bradley find the same church to get plugged into on the same day, they also landed in the same Sunday school class. But it wasn’t until that first evening when the class got together to play Ultimate Frisbee did they officially meet one another. She said she’d never forget he wore an orange shirt and since Ashly couldn’t remember his name, she just kept calling him “orange shirt”… it’s been a running joke between the two of them ever since. It’s especially funny now since she swears that basically all the shirts in Bradley’s closet are orange! They bonded immediately… and to this day, almost 3 years later, the bond is still evident. They were engaged in March of this year and look forward to getting married on Ashly’s parent’s ranch in Caldwell, TX in December! Eek!!

These two are such a sweet, easy-going couple. I was honored they happily drove all the way out from Tyler to Dallas to have me shoot their engagement photos. We met at a park in Richardson and quickly realized it would not be the most ideal location for our session. It was Richardson’s PROM NIGHT and it seemed like every, single student, (along with their parents, siblings and grandparents) were at that same park to take Prom pictures. They trusted me to change our plans at the last minute (after parking), and we drove 15 minutes down the road to another local park. On the way there, I prayed it wouldn’t be busy. It wasn’t! Phew! We basically had the entire park to ourselves. Ashly and Bradley were such good sports and our audible paid off. The evening went by so smoothly and the weather felt great. Other than a few chigger bites (thank you, Texas) and occasional, unfavorable wind gusts, the night couldn’t have been more perfect!

It was delightful working with you both this past weekend and I can’t wait to take your wedding photos!! It will be here before we know it!






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