Taylor + Dylan and their sweet puppy, Sadie | A Dallas, TX Engagement Session

So… I love this couple! I met Taylor and Dylan for the first time at a little coffee shop in Downtown Dallas for our consult and I feel in love with how sweet and down to earth they both were. Also, their wedding sounds like it’s going to be gorgeous!!

It’s always exciting to get to know my wedding couples, and engagement sessions are the perfect trial run for a wedding day. They get to see firsthand how I work, learn the core poses, and feel more comfortable all around as their big day draws near.

They brought their adorable pup, Sadie, along and we wandered around a pretty nature preserve in Dallas for their engagement photos. The park had paths lined with hanging grapevines, a beachfront pond, and a beautiful open field.  We were even visited by a friendly man that offered to let us take some photos with his horse. I just love when I find hidden gems like that during a session! Haha!

Read more about their story here:

Please share your story, how did you meet?
“We met online through a dating app when Dylan was about to start his Master’s program at Texas A&M and I started my sophomore year at Texas A&M. We talked for a few weeks and then had our first date at Twisted Root and saw a movie. We liked each other so much that
we decided to have our second date less than 48 hours later! Once we both moved to College Station and after multiple dates, we decided to officially start dating as a couple!”

How did he propose?
“One of our favorite things to do is to go stargazing! In fact, Dylan bought and named a star for our one year anniversary after the month we had our first date, June! That Saturday, Dylan had my two best friends come pick me up from the apartment and take me to the
UTA Planetarium blindfolded, all while I thought we were going to dinner with my sister and brother-in-law. Once we got there, they led me into the room where Dylan had rented out. Once the blindfold was taken off, there was rose petals and tea light candles that lined the
walkway! He was standing on the stage with a night sky all around him and our song, Velvet by Stoney Larue, playing in the background! After he popped the question and some engagement photos, we headed to house in Dallas, where Dylan surprised me with an engagement party! All of our close friends and family members were there to celebrate with us!”

What is your favorite thing about each other?

● Favorite thing about Taylor: “My favorite things about Taylor is the amount of love and determination she has to truly impact the lives of the children she teaches. I love seeing her in her element; leading kids along the right path of learning and growth! It makes me so
excited thinking about our future family and how awesome of a mom she will be to our kids!”

● Favorite thing about Dylan: “My favorite thing about Dylan is how caring he is for me and others. I know I can 100% always count on him to be an open ear even when I just need to verbally process my thoughts!”

Taylor and Dylan are getting married next March! As of now they will be the first wedding of my 2019  wedding season, and I’m crossing my fingers for some gorgeous Spring blooms! Enjoy all their adorable-ness!

  1. Vikki

    August 5th, 2018 at 2:44 am

    Simply gorgeous pictures capturing the love of our grandchildren!

  2. Lauren Marks

    August 5th, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    Thank you, Vikki! They are just the sweetest couple and I feel honored to be working with them!

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