Jan 13, 2018

Wallis Family | Rockwall, TX Portrait Session

The Wallis family holds a special place in my heart because, not only is Christina (Matriarch of Wallis Family) currently my kiddos’ nanny, but she also used to babysit my best friend (and Maid of Honor) when she was little, years ago! And we only this found out after she was already working with our family. Its such a small world but God definitely orchestrated it all!

So, I give everyone a lot of credit and a big ole’ pat on the back because it was a really cold day. They were sweet enough to brave the wet, Texas chilly air to make this come together! Plus it had been WAY too long since these guys had family pictures taken so we embraced the temps and made it happen! And rushed to put coats back on in between shots and locations. This lovely group of people are beautiful inside and out and it was a privilege to take their family’s photos.


Wallis Family, I so enjoyed spending the afternoon with you and let’s not let you go so long until your next family photo session, ok?!! 🙂

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